Bushel & A Peck


Bushel & A Peck is a product company that hand pours small batch skincare products. The client, Aimee, knew her audience really well and also knew that her DIY'd brand was holding her back from growing her business. She wanted Bushel & A Peck 2.0. A complete overhaul. She felt her brand getting lost in the sea of the skin care marketplace and wanted something that would not only stand out on shelves, but also look good on people’s bathroom counters. What we landed on was a warm, retro inspired color palette that gives a not to different skin tones, the idea of which became the entire backbone of the brand. Aimee creates products to take care of your skin, why not build the entire brand around skin?! It was the perfect brand story for Bushel & A Peck. The logo is a curvy wordmark with a custom ampersand that gives a nod to Aimee’s hand-poured production. The custom ampersand gave the opportunity to lean into the liquid feeling with a subtle droplet shape.

  • Brand Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Packaging Design
  • Human
  • Hygge
  • Natural
  • Warm
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