Cellar Door Coffee Co.


Cellar Door Coffee Co. is located in an old feed mill in small town Garrettsville, OH. You may think they based their name on some old cellar door found within their building, but you'd be wrong. In fact, the client, Whitney, and her husband named the shop based on his love of Neil Young and his album Live at the Cellar Door. Based on that alone, we knew we were going to need to incorporate A LOT of personality into this brand. Whitney wanted a brand full of sentiment and intrigue. She mentioned wanting it to feel antique but not from any particular time period. She wanted people to feel as though they just discovered the coolest, best kept secret around. A lot of Whitney's inspiration for the brand had a steampunk vibe, so we took that idea and built on it to incorporate a lot of their own sentiment packed into every square inch. We began by sketching out a collection of little icons that we used throughout the brand, including a custom pattern that could be used in on menus, wallpaper for the shop, or tissue paper to wrap breakfast pastries in. Since launching their new brand, Cellar Door Coffee Co. has received and endless parade of compliments, as well as enjoyed a 30% increase in business. So much they needed to hire more employees to help handle all the new business!

  • Brand Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Character
  • Creative
  • Intriguing
  • Thoughtful
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