Congregations for Kids


Congregations for Kids helps people in the Charlotte, NC area become champions for kids in the foster care system by helping them get the items they need— FAST. We fell in love with their mission right away and were SO EXCITED to be a part of the project. This design was a fun challenge because while they had a brand developed, they had trouble bringing color into the brand. For a number of reasons, we wanted to keep the imagery in black and white throughout the site (not including the images of the items). But that left the site feeling a little.... lifeless. ⁠To bring some color in and turn the personality vibe WAY up, we sprinkled little confetti dots everywhere in colors that supported the main brand palette and were brought to live during development with a little bit of animation. The result is irresistible personality!

  • Web Design
  • Hopeful
  • Playful
  • Storytelling
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