The initial email from Alexandra landed in my inbox, “I’m writing a TV show,” it said. My eyebrows raised. Whaaaaaaat? I had to hear more. As she told me more about herself, her background and her idea during our introduction meeting I knew this girl not only knew what she was talking about but had the chops to back it up. She was writing a TV show script based on her real-life experiences and needed to create a Treatment, which is basically a brief, visually engaging pitch document that entices producers to want to read the script. From the double entendre title (referencing Oral Deaf Education, the show’s main character is a deaf woman who doesn’t know sign language and instead learns to listen and communicate with the use of hearing aids) to the bold illustrations and whimsical color palette, this entire project was like a party to work on. Feast your eyes on this snippet and in the meantime you’ll find me constantly checking all the network and streaming outlets for this show.

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  • Bold
  • Confident
  • Feminine
  • Technicolor
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