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It started on a subway.

It was 2017 and Brittany was in New York for the weekend visiting a friend. For a while, she had been feeling a change in the air but had no idea what was coming her way. Maybe it was stepping away from work for a few days, spending time getting lost on the wooden escalators in Macys, or the sheer overwhelming roar of the city itself but all of a sudden everything clicked. Happyland flashed into her mind in its entirety. It was all so clear she could have sat right down in that subway station and written out a business plan (that is, if she could have found a spot that didn’t have gum on it). From then on, Happyland was her main mission and she wouldn’t rest until it was a reality.

Armed with a love of branding and an inexplicable affection for the non-digital things in life, Brittany has bet everything on following her dream to have the best little branding studio in the Pacific Northwest.


let’s be friends.


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