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The Real Cost of a Brand

As a business owner you face countless expenses everyday. I get it. You have payroll and taxes and insurance, not to mention inventory and overhead. With all these necessary and required expenses, you may look at something like branding as a nice-to-have and put it on the back burner in the name of profits. That mindset is costing you customers and losing you money. 

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Brittany Wong
Be Wildly Different

I've always felt like the weirdo in the room. The kid that never fit in all the way. I was always a foot taller than other kids around me. My hair never could decide if it wanted to be curly or straight, blonde or brunette. My teeth were always a little crooked and, even to this day, still have the ridges on them from when they cut through your gums in childhood (my dentist praises my enamel and refuses to file them down to look more adult-like. 

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